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Little Green Blog

  • Monica Vinader New Range Launch

    Monica Vinader, a well-known sustainable jewellery brand was launching a new  12-piece collection crossover collection with Mother of Pearl and ap...
  • Personalised Handwritten Staff Thank You Cards

    After an extended period of challenging work throughout the pandemic, one of our clients wanted to show their gratitude and appreciation to their ...
  • London Festival of Architecture

    We worked with an architecture and design firm, Squire + Partners who were looking to create an iconic window display as part of the London Festiv...
  • The Gardeners of the Forest - Elephant Rescue

    Did you know that Elephants are known as 'The Gardeners of the Forest'. Although Elephants weight around 4 tonnes, they are responsible for moving tiny little seeds all around the forest, with thousands of seeds moved per day by each animal. In addition, seeds that have germinated in Elephant Dung can survive better than ones that germinate in other conditions.
  • How to Make Your Own Seed Paper

    You may wonder why a website that sells Paper Stock may want to teach you how to make it yourself? Well, its great fun, an exciting thing to do with the children or friends and gives you an insight into how paper is made. At the end of all of that we hope you will consider buying some of our production and print ready paper over in our shop.
  • A Card is For Life, Not Just For Xmas

    There is something extremely special, and slightly old-fashioned about the act of giving and receiving Christmas cards, it kickstarts Christmas across the UK for many and adorns homes throughout the UK with festive cheer. 
  • A Wedding Doesn't Have to Cost the Earth

    Weddings can create an obscene amount of waste. Research shows that each wedding was responsible for 20kg of waste in the form of single use plastics and a study by Sainsbury’s showed that nearly £500 of food is thrown away after each reception. Find out how to make your wedding more sustainable.