Who is Little Green Paper Shop?

Little Green Paper Shop are an eco-friendly stationery store aimed at reducing waste in the industry. We make greeting cards, wedding invitations, business cards and custom prints on a range of tree free and eco friendly cardstock.

What is Seed Paper?

Seed Paper is a biodegradable eco-paper made with recycled and sustainably sourced materials which have been embedded with seeds. When the paper is planted and the paper composts away all that will be left behind is flowers or vegetables. 

What seeds does your seed paper have?

Our papers are available in a range of weights and finishes, they are available in seeds such as wildflower mix, Chamomile, Celosia, Tomato, Carrot, Dairy, Poppy and Rudbeckia.

What is the difference between Lux and Bloom?

We offer two types of paper, Lux and Bloom. Lux has a lower growth rate, but a much easier finish for high quality printing. Bloom is whiter and has a much higher growth rate as it is air dried giving the seeds the best chance of germinating. 

Where is your paper made?

We use a range of suppliers to ensure we have a robust supply chain, these suppliers originate from the UK, Europe and overseas. All cards are handmade in the UK.

Is your paper eco-friendly?

Absolutely, all of our card stock is sustainably sourced and gives back to the environment in various ways. 

What is Elephant Poo Paper?

Elephants Poo Paper is handmade in India from Elephant Poo and Cotton Fibre. Using the poo to make paper provides a source of income for the elephant sanctuaries that our makers work with.hey are a great novelty option for kids stationery, father's day cards, businesses that work with animals and much, much more! 

What is Sugar Cane Paper?

Sugarcane paper is made from sugar cane, which has a much higher growth rate than trees. Due to its rapid growth it can be harvested at a much quicker rate meaning less trees are harmed in the making of this stock.What do you have for Eco Friendly Xmas

Do you have reindeer Poo Paper?

Reindeer Poo paper is made in the UK from the Magical Christmas Poo of Reindeers. In much the same process of Elephant Poo paper. This gives an interesting twist for our Christmas ranges.

Can I print on Seed Paper

Yes, you can print on both our papers using a range of techniques from home inkjets to screen printing. Due to the surface of the paper printing can be a little more challenging, so please ensure you have enough paper to cover all your requirements.

Do you do Custom work?

Absolutely, we can do custom designs using your own artwork, or create artwork for you based upon your designs. 

Do you have wholesale prices?

Yes, we supply a lot of bespoke, luxury outlets and florists across the UK. Please get in touch with us for our wholesale price lists.

Will I receive a proof for my order?

Yes, all of our customised work is sent to you to approve before going to print, you will have the final say on all of our designs.

How long will my order take?

Orders are dispatched within 5 days of being placed (non custom work) or 5 days of a proof being approved. We have different shipping methods available should you wish to expedite your order.

Can you ship internationally?

Yes, in fact we see similar demand both overseas and in the UK. International orders are obviously subject to longer shipping times and local regulations.