• Accessible

    Begin your journey with low minimum order quantities. Explore our diverse array of designs, with fresh collections added frequently. Additionally, we offer CDUs for your convenience.

  • Sustainable

    The majority of our cards are crafted from plantable seed paper made with cotton waste from the textile industry, but we also offer a selection of cards made from elephant poo paper.

  • Stand Out & Unique

    Seed paper cards are distinctive because they can be planted after use, blossoming into beautiful flowers or herbs, making them eco-friendly, memorable and unique.

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The greeting card section on this website is now exclusively for wholesale purposes. However, if you're a consumer seeking our lovely greeting cards, you can still buy them via Little Green Gifts.

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If you're also interested on becoming a distributor for Little Green Gifts, offering our unique range of eco-friendly plantable gifts in elephant poo paper packaging, please check out the link below.

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