Seed paper packaging for Shelanu jewellery

Seed paper packaging for Shelanu jewellery

Craftspace and Shelanu Partnering with Little Green Paper Shop for Sustainable, Plantable Packaging and brand Shelanu, renowned for their commitment to community engagement and ethical production, decided to take a sustainable leap forward. They chose to partner with Little Green Paper Shop, a company specialising in innovative plantable packaging solutions, to elevate the packaging for their jewellery brand. This case study examines the reasons behind this choice, its effectiveness, and the customer feedback garnered from this decision.

Selecting Seed Paper for Packaging

Craftspace and Shelanu had always been passionate about sustainability, a value deeply ingrained in their brand ethos. Their unique jewellery collection, celebrated for its commitment to ethical sourcing and production, called for packaging that mirrored the same commitment.

When deciding on a packaging solution that would match the sustainability of their jewellery line, they found a compelling solution in seed paper from the Little Green Paper Shop. Seed paper is a type of eco-friendly paper that has seeds embedded into it. Once planted in soil, the paper biodegrades, and the seeds germinate to produce plants.

The selection of seed paper packaging aligned with their sustainable collection and served to reinforce their brand's commitment to ecological responsibility. The added bonus of being able to print their logo on the seed paper packaging also helped maintain brand consistency while promoting their eco-friendly message.

Assessing the Impact of Seed Paper Packaging

Craftspace and Shelanu were delighted with the choice of seed paper for their packaging. They felt that it not only served its purpose as a sustainable packaging solution but also added a unique, value-added element to their product experience.

The decision to use seed paper packaging was well received within the company. The members, who were privy to the decision-making process, expressed their satisfaction with the choice and the final product. Reflecting on the success of this initiative, they indicated that they would likely choose seed paper packaging for future products, given the positive reception and its alignment with their brand values.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback on the plantable packaging was overwhelmingly positive. Customers appreciated the link between the sustainable packaging and the jewellery collection. They felt it was a thoughtful, consistent detail that showcased the brand's commitment to sustainability in every aspect of the product experience.

Not only did customers appreciate the eco-friendly nature of the packaging, but they also found delight in the added experience of planting the packaging and watching something beautiful grow. This unique customer experience, facilitated by the partnership with Little Green Paper Shop, distinguished Craftspace and Shelanu's jewellery brand in the competitive market.

The partnership between, Shelanu, and the Little Green Paper Shop exemplifies the power of thoughtful, eco-friendly branding. By choosing seed paper for their packaging, Craftspace and Shelanu demonstrated their unwavering commitment to sustainability while enhancing the customer experience and reinforcing their brand identity. The positive reception from both team members and customers solidifies the success of this initiative and highlights the potential for sustainable solutions in future endeavours.

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