Introducing Our Seed Paper Packaging Range

Introducing Our Seed Paper Packaging Range

We have been selling sustainable seed paper since we started and have brought this paper to our clients in various forms, business cards, product inserts and greeting cards. 

Unfortunately many of our customers have had to continue using boxes and packaging that doesn't really give luxury connotations. Customers have been using Kraft style boxes or worse still boxes made from non-recyclable board. 

We wanted to do something different and offer seed paper boxes and packaging to allow brands to embrace eco friendly marketing both at point of sale / on shelf displays and beyond. 

We are delighted to announce that we are now able to offer a range of pre-formatted box designs such as seed paper pillow boxes and seed paper product boxes in various sizes. 

We realise that your product may have specific requirements so can also now offer low volume custom packaging that can be designed specifically for your product and is completely customisable with printing available on all aspects.
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