A Wedding Doesn't Have to Cost The Earth

A Wedding Doesn't Have to Cost the Earth

How much do Weddings really cost?

Weddings can create an obscene amount of waste. Research shows that each wedding was responsible for 20kg of waste in the form of single use plastics and a study by Sainsbury’s showed that nearly £500 of food is thrown away after each reception. 

Waste from weddings often starts before the ceremony, and sometimes even before the engagement depending on how far back you wish to trace this. Invitations, RSVPs and other stationery is often single use and heads straight for the bin. As happy couples seek to announce their engagements in style, invitations adorned with embellishments and metallic inks are non easily recyclable and carbon used for personal travel to ceremonies across the country (or globe) is truly staggering.

To reduce the waste associated with stationery, there is always the option of going electronic and E-Invitations are certainly growing, but they lack a personal je ne sais quoi. There is something special about receiving a well decorated card that sets the tone for your whole event. To ensure that your invites and wedding stationery are keeping green it is important to consider the impact non-recyclable paper has on the environment.

We sell a range of stationery, but our Save the Dates and RSVPs in Seed Paper are really magical. Not only do they protect the environment in line with our ethos, but when you are done with them your guests have a ready made flower bed to remember your special day. 


On your special day itself, waste can again rear its ugly head, but you can keep your whole stationery line in range with matching place cards, Order of Service, Menus and other stationery ideas.

If all of that was not enough, when you return from your honeymoon and take stock of the pile of generous gifts your guests have left you (hopefully with eco-friendly wrapping and cards!), you will need to send a thank you card. Of course we supply these as part of our range.

All of our ranges are eco friendly no matter what paper stock you pick, and if you prefer a bespoke design, just let us know, we would be more than happy to help. 

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