The Gardeners of The Forest - Elephant Rescue

The Gardeners of the Forest - Elephant Rescue

The Gardeners of the Forest

Did you know that Elephants are known as 'The Gardeners of the Forest'. Although Elephants weight around 4 tonnes, they are responsible for moving tiny little seeds all around the forest, with thousands of seeds moved per day by each animal. In addition, seeds that have germinated in Elephant Dung can survive better than ones that germinate in other conditions. You may wonder why we would care at LittleGreenPaperShop, but if you take a look at our products you may never look at Elephant Poo the same way again.

We stock a range of stationary made from Elephant Poo, and whilst it doesn't directly contain seeds like many of our other papers, it is still just (if not more) eco-friendly.

Elephant Dung is widely available across India and South East Asia, and no places are more in need of additional funding than the sanctuaries that provide support for injured, orphaned or rescued Elephants. Our paper is sourced from producers who directly support the welfare of these beautiful creatures in our supply chain rural manufacturing is king which gives jobs to thriving local industries.

During the papermaking process the dung is washed to remove the colour and any nasties, this creates a byproduct that can be used as fertiliser. This is sold back to local farmers to use across their crops.

Now we started as a wedding stationary business, but we don't get too many brides opting for Elephant Poo as a medium (although we have had a few with connections to zoology, Asia or Africa). We see the biggest sales of our Elephant Poo in the Childrens and Father's day card, which growing boy or grown man wouldn't love to receive a card literally made of ....well you get it. I guarantee you that almost all of the recipients of cards made this way will reach down with their nose for a good smell when they first open it.

If Elephant Poo really didn't float your boat, we have something extra special. In the runup to Advent and Christmas we receive a very small stock of Reindeer Dropping Paper direct from the North Pole, so keep an eye on your calendars and an eye on our Christmas Shop. You may just be lucky enough to grab a few of these before they sell out.

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